in the Summer

Český Krumlov in the summer . . .

If you like towns bustling with activity, where you can meet people from all over the world, hear water splashing and the shouting of boaters cruising down the Vltava river, where there are so many concert options you don’t know which to chose, and many evenings include a shower of fireworks, visit Krumlov in the summer!
Temperatures are pleasant, but you still may need a sweater when touring the castle interior. Many visitors, warmed by the June sun, dare to enter the castle in short sleeves, but are freezing towards the end of the 50 minute tour.
If you have a passionate interest in the Renaissance Period, definitely do not miss the Rose Festival, held annually in June, during the summer solstice. For three days, the entire city travels back in time to the period of the Rožmberks. Townspeople in historic costumes fill the streets, the sound of Renaissance music is everywhere, there’s historic dancing and theater performances throughout the city, and swordsmen displaying their skills in local parks. It’s truly a must-see event!