in the Autumn

Český Krumlov in the autumn . . .

Autumn is an ideal time to visit for those who wish to experience the “everyday life” atmosphere of the city as the bustle of tourists slowly fades, and trees full of colorful leaves compete with a variety of historic facades. You may need to pull out an umbrella during this season, but luckily there is always a place to hide among the countless restaurants and pubs until the sun returns from behind the clouds.

Autumn includes festivities honoring the Czech Republic’s Patron Saint Vaclav, as well as a festival of Baroque art, which you can really get into as you visit the Castle Baroque Theater, a truly unique historical monument in Europe.Museums are open and the castle’s rooms are pleasantly warm after soaking in the heat of summer. The castle interior, apart from the castle museum, closes the last day of October. Visitors will certainly enjoy a walk in the palace garden, which is bursting with color before November winds blow the leaves away.